Virtual Postman is a company that specializes in developing scalable web based electronic document management software (EDMS) for the small, medium and large enterprise.

The document software has a number of unique features that enable it to save an enterprise time and money and ensure compliance. Document archiving software dramatically improves cash flow by automating electronic document delivery of ELECTRONICALLY COLLATED business documents namely statements, invoices and delivery notes. The software also archives emails so your business always has a full document based audit trial of all supporting documents and communications related to a business event. Indexes and categories are user defined enabling the archiving of any document. The web based scan client is easily deployed for physical paper scanning. The scanning software supports bar code recognition and advanced batch processing ensuring paper documents are easily indexed. The print client and pdf index template tool allows virtual postman to easily integrate into any ERP - Embrace, SAP, JDE, SAGE, Quickbooks, Pastel, Syspro, Microsoft Dynamics..
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